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Cruzer Pizza has, somehow, flown under my radar before now. I am THRILLED we found them! First, I have to give a huge shoutout to ELI at Cruzer for awesome hot, fresh and EARLY (by about 30 mins) DELIVERY - when does that ever happen??? It was a first for me! Great way to set the tone for our Friday night "pizza party". We ordered the potato wedges, Spinach salad and 6 topping Vegetable Pizza. YUM, YUM AND YUM! Well, hold on, to be honest... we haven't actually tasted the salad yet. It looks fresh and delicious, but we were SO stuffed from the potato wedges and pizza! The salad is in the fridge for tomorrow's breakfast or lunch. Back to what we ATE already... so, the potato wedges come with a divine vegan ranch. DELISH! Happy I ordered an extra because we also dipped the pizza in the yummy ranch! Our 6 toppings were Spinach, artichoke, eggplant, onion, tomato and garlic... on thin crust. I requested it cooked well, but not burnt. It was cooked perfectly and, again, the ranch dipping put it over the top! We will definitely order from here again and based on how delicious everything was, I'd feel confident trying different menu items. TWO thumbs ALL the way UP Cruzer Pizza!!!


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My wife loves the ranch here and of course, being the attentive husband I am, forgot to order it with her calzone. I called the restaurant and they were like "no problem dude, we got you!" So that was cool.

I ordered the meatball sub and it was delectable. Their homemade marinara sauce is simply the best I've had in a while.

We usually order the garlic cheese bread sticks as an appetizer because they are amazing, however, this time we went with the cheesy garlic potato wedges and ended up both reaching for the last wedge. ...she insisted that I ate more of them than her and I insisted that I am twice her size and therefore require more nourishment than she does. needless to say she got the last wedge, but I digress.

Definitely recommend this place to anyone in the mood for delicious guilt and/or cruelty-free pizzeria style cuisine.


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Cruzer Pizza is a real standout in a city where there is a whole lot of money being made from mediocre and bad food. My favorite dish is the eggplant parmigiana. It tastes like its made with love and care. Although Cruzer is a vegan restaurant, I would call it some of the best Italian food in the city. The tomato sauce is delicious and , never too sweet or heavy. Light, fresh flavor and texture that lets you taste the simplicity of the quality ingredients and simple recipes. I am not even vegan, but this is the best pasta dish available in my neighborhood hands down. I ordered the same thing every time so I may be biased, but its always spot on. In a city where its hard to count on anything being consistent, Cruzer Pizza is the exception to the rule.
Its so nice to have something you can count on to be good every time.


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As a vegan, I had almost given up hoping for a delicious pizza, but that was before I discovered Cruzer. I so enjoyed the pizza from there, and the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich was divine! I never even had Philly Cheesesteaks when I was a meat eater, and yet, now I'm hooked on Cruzer's vegan version. Dee-licious! Oh, and the chocolate cake was fabulous! I have such positive recall writing this, that I'm going to order from Cruzer just as soon as I'm done here! You should too!


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I love Cruzer The food is great and the delivery people are friendly. I placed the order in advance, asking for it to come at 22:30. The guy called me at 22:29, saying he was outside with my food. I guess I got downstairs faster than expected, because he was just leaving his car when I opened the door; he saw me and started running! I told him that he didnt have to run, but he replied that he didnt like making his customers wait. Great experience.

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Yummy pizza. I am not a vegan but I am super sensitive to dairy so finding a pizza I can eat is a special treat. Will order from them gain for sure.


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It was super fast, and it tasted so goooood


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I love it!!

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